Linking the landscape and the literature of Seamus Heaney

‘Open Ground’ is a series of 5 locations, all of which held a significance for Seamus Heaney. Exploring each one reveals the links between these places, so much a part of Seamus Heaney’s formative years, and their influence on the rich legacy of his literature.

Along each route and in each location, interpretation panels tell you more about the places you’re visiting, while this App enhances the experience by bringing you the voice of the poet reading his own work, and augmented reality brings to life some of the sights and sounds associated with each location.

Open Ground has been developed by Mid Ulster District Council which also owns and operates Seamus Heaney HomePlace.

The project was part funded under Priority 6 (LEADER) of the Northern Ireland Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 by the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs and the European Union.

Development of The Strand at Lough Beg would not have been possible without partnership with the RSPB NI, NIEA, local landowners and additional funding support via DAERA’s Environmental Challenge Fund, the Department for Infrastructure and the Lough Neagh Partnership.